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Expert Advice for Choosing the Best Generator in Ottawa

 When buying a generator, you have a wide choice of top brands from industry leading manufacturers. They come at different price points and have a variety of features and functions. It helps to know you are getting the best one for your unique needs. For example, recreational use at a campsite will be much different than trying to keep your frozen foods cold during an extended power outage. A construction crew has a distinct set of requirements and may need multiple generators working simultaneously. If you have space limitations, a reliable generator for critical loads in a compact size may be essential. Once you know the factors to consider, you will be better equipped to find the best power generators in Ottawa to suit your needs.  At Ottawa Fastener Supply, we have high performance generators from BE Power Equipment and King Canada, among other top brand names. 

Generator in Ottawa

The Right-Sized Generator for Home Emergencies, Outdoor Recreation Time, or the Job Site 

Knowing what size generator you need starts with some basic questions and considerations:  

1. The types of appliances to be run. What types of appliances do you want to operate even when the power goes out? For example, the refrigerator may be the first to come to mind. You may also want to charge phones, flashlights, or emergency radios. Some campers enjoy having a generator to run electronics while out in the woods. Contractors need to run drills, jigsaws, and other power tools. 

2. What wattage do the appliances require? After determining what machines or tools need power, you need to know the wattage each requires to start and run. These two ideas are different. The run wattage refers to how much energy is necessary to keep the item on. The start wattage is how many watts the item requires to start up. Every time your refrigerator’s compressor kicks in, it takes more power. The best source for this information will be your owner’s manual or the item itself.  

3. Add all the wattage amounts and margin in a little extra. You don’t need to go overboard buying the largest generator available. It would help if you had enough to cover the wattage required to start up and run your chosen appliances or tools and add a little more. This extra space helps curtail the potential overloading of the circuits in your home or commercial space. For instance, during emergencies, you may want to run your refrigerator, a lamp, a fan, and a radio. Ideally, you don’t want to push your generator over 80% of its maximum output. Here is how it may break down: 

  • Refrigerator – 500W to run, 1000W to start 
  • Lamp – 100W to run, 100W to start 
  • Fan – 200W to run, 400W to start 
  • Radio – 50W to run, 100W to start 

When you add them up, you need approximately 2,450 watts of power, minimum. 

4. Shop for a quality generator. These powerhouses come in different styles and capabilities and run on gasoline or diesel fuel. The most common types include portable, inverter, and whole house. A portable or mid-sized inverter like the BE2100I may be the best solution if you need something for the RV. The KCG-12000GE, a 12,000-watt gasoline-powered generator, can handle larger appliances at your home. 

Buy a High-Quality Generator, Enjoy Uninterrupted Power Supply  

Be prepared for those inevitable times when the power goes out. Finding the right generator is easier when you contact our team at Ottawa Fastener Supply. You will discover popular, high-quality brands like BE GeneratorsKing Canada, and other outdoor power equipment. Our staff is ready to answer all your questions when you call us today! 

Friday, 28 October 2022

What Should I Know About Safety Handwear and Footwear?

 Injuries on the job aren’t just a financial risk, they also impact productivity and morale. Providing workers with the right safety equipment in Ottawa reduces the risk of injuries and ensures compliance with provincial requirements.  

Safety Handwear and Footwear

Safety Handwear Protection Levels  

In 2016, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) released standards pertaining to cut resistance safety gloves. Using this scale, you can provide personal protection equipment to match the job more effectively. The scale ranges from A1 to A9. 

  • A1 – small parts assembly and general purpose gloves  
  • A2 – injection and moulding plastics, pulp, and paper 
  • A3 – handling raw materials in manufacturing and construction 
  • A4 – food prep and HVAC  
  • A5 – handling glass or metal sheets  
  • A6 – glass manufacturing or metal fabrication  
  • A7 – meat processing or metal stamping  
  • A8 – metal recycling or heavy assembly  
  • A9 – sharp metal stamping or metal fabrication  

Choosing the right gloves for the job gives your workers the best protection for their skilled hands!  

Safety Footwear  

Safety footwear is available in multiple ratings for different job sites and the risks involved. It’s important to choose footwear based on the hazards for each type of job site. The soles can include puncture protection or not. The toes have protective caps that are graded for protection. Worksites that require safety footwear should include information about fit and selection of footwear to ensure the right type is provided.  

Ottawa Fastener Supply has all the safety equipment you need for your Ottawa job site including the protective footwear and handwear for your specific projects. Contact us for more information. 

Wednesday, 19 October 2022

What Do I Need to Know About Safety Headwear?


What Do I Need to Know About Safety Headwear?

Under provincial law, every construction worker is required to wear a hardhat when working sites with hard-surfaced materials or near electrical conductors. Understand how to buy a hard hat for the job and how to take care of the hat. Reduce the risks of injuries by choosing the correct safety gear for Ottawa construction sites.  

Safety Headwear Classes

Hard hats are classified by the type of protection offered.  

  1. Type 1 – this type of headwear protects from impact at the top of the hard hat.  
  2. Type 2 – type 2 hard hats have an integrated foam impact liner that reduces the force of an impact to the top and the sides of the head.  

In addition, each type of hard hat comes in one of these three classes:  

  • Class E: head protection against high voltage (20,000 V electrical rating)  
  • Class G: head protection against low voltage (2,200 V electrical rating)  
  • Class C: no electrical protection 

What to Know About Safety Headgear

Safety equipment in Ottawa must be taken care of appropriately. Do not store hard hats in the back window of a car, because heat and sunlight can damage the material. When a hard hat has been impacted, it must be removed from service. Inspect hard hats annually and replace the liner each year. Replace the shell at five-year intervals.  

Find all the safety equipment you need at our safety supply store in Ottawa. Keep your workers safe with high-quality safety gear that is affordable and meets all provincial regulations. 

Friday, 7 October 2022

The importance of having Safety Eyewear for Workers in Ottawa

Safety Eyewear

Construction workers face many different threats to their eyes on the job. From impacts to UV light, chemicals to dust, it’s important to have the right safety gear in Ottawa. Count on Ottawa Fastener Supply to provide the correct safety eyewear for the job.  

Types of Eyewear Protection  

1. Safety glasses – the most common type of eyewear protection. There’s a wide selection to find glasses that fit most workers.  

2. Safety goggles – goggles seal to the face for even greater protection. If someone wears prescription glasses, they may need goggles to cover their regular glasses.  

Features and ANSI Codes for Safety Eyewear  

The American National Standards Institute coordinates the features of protective eyewear. Look for the codes etched on the lenses or the arms of the glasses to find the right eyewear for the job. Most safety glasses will have multiple features, allowing for greater protection.  

  • Z87 – impact rated 
  • Z87+ – high impact rated 
  • D3 – splash protection 
  • D4 – dust protection 
  • X indicates eyewear has passed the fog test and can resist fogging 
  • W# – welding protection on a scale from 1.3 – 14 
  • U# – UV protection on a scale from 2 – 6 
  • R# – infrared light protection on a scale from 1.3 – 10 
  • L# – visible light filter on a scale from 1.3 – 10 

Choosing the right safety equipment in Ottawa gives your workers peace of mind when they’re on the job. Contact Ottawa Fastener Supply for all of the safety gear you need to protect workers’ hearing, hands, feet, and more on the job.

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Tuesday, 5 July 2022

What Do I Need to Know About First Aid Kits on the Job Site?


First aid kits are essential if your work site includes dangerous tools and machinery. You can save a life and treat injuries with the first aid kits available at Ottawa Fastener Supply. Follow the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Act and purchase a kit with sufficient supplies for your employee headcount.  

Do You Have Employees Trained in First Aid? 

If you have employees who are trained to administer first aid on the job, make sure that their coworkers know who to turn to in case of an injury. Depending on the size of your company and the nature of your work, you might want to consider scheduling first aid training for all employees. Even if employees aren’t trained in first aid, it’s important that everyone knows where to find basic supplies, like bandages and disinfectants. Read More...

Wednesday, 22 June 2022

What to Know about Respiratory Protection Safety Equipment?


What Do I Need to Know About Respiratory Protection Safety Equipment?

When you need safety equipment in Ottawa, don’t forget to include respiratory protection safety equipment. In order to protect your construction workers and other employees, and comply with the Ontario Health and Safety Act, you have to supply protective gear that filters out hazardous gases and dangerous materials.  

Our safety supply store in Ottawa has an array of respiratory protection equipment and air purifiers to meet the needs of customers in different industries, including: 

  • Elastomeric respirators in full-face or half-face  
  • Powered-air purifying respirators  
  • Particulate respirators  
  • Supplied air respirator systems  
  • Reusable and disposable face masks  

How Respirators Protect Your Workers 

Respirators and air purifiers protect workers against numerous hazards including the following: 

  • Insufficient oxygen 
  • Harmful dust and debris 
  • Fogs, smoke, and mists 
  • Gases and vapors 
  • Sprays 

When your workers wear protective respiratory equipment, they face a lower risk of adverse health conditions, including some cancers and lung diseases. These products filter out airborne particles, chemicals, and gases. Make sure you understand the products you purchase from our Ottawa safety supply store as each product targets specific hazards and environments. 

If you need help choosing respiratory protection safety equipment in Ottawa for specific applications, contact one of our representatives for assistance. We can explain the products in our inventory so that you can make the right decision for your employees. 

Contact Ottawa Fastener Supply today for respiratory protection safety equipment advice and information. Check out our blog to learn more about all the safety equipment you should have on your job site to protect your workers. 

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Monday, 6 June 2022

What Should You Know About Fall Protection Safety Gear?


What Do I Need to Know About Fall Protection Safety Equipment?

Does your team work at significant heights on buildings, bridges, or roofs? Protect your employees from accidental death, dismemberment, and injury with proven safety equipment. When shopping for fall protection and other gear, choose a supplier knowledgeable about the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act. The team at Ottawa Fastener Supply provides real answers about the Ottawa safety supply products we sell.  

Fall Protection Equipment to Keep Your Crew Safe and Secure  

If you need help finding the fall-arrest equipment for a specific industry or job, ask one of our experienced team members for help. To ensure you have a safe and secure job site the essential fall protection safety equipment in Ottawa you need is: 

  • Anchors: Anchorage for ladders, roofs, slings, and other uses 
  • Connectors:  Carabiners, rope grabs, and other high-strength connectors  
  • Harnesses:  Name brand harnesses with up to 400 lb. capacity for climbing, retrieval, evacuation, and work purposes 
  • Lanyards:  Hook up to rebar, scaffolding, and other stable structures with shock and energy-absorbing lanyards 
  • Lifelines:  Cable and polyester lifelines protect your employees. Choose from a variety of lengths and styles. 
  • Signs: Safety and work signs clearly communicate important information.   

Investing in fall arrest equipment makes sure you keep your employees safe and doesn’t need to cost a lot.

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